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Free download keystroke recorder keylogger invisible PC surveillance employee and parental monitoring software

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KeyLogger is a stealth-monitoring tool that lets you detect keystroke activities on your PC. Software helps to monitor your Kids, Employee, Friends or External users keystroke activities performed on your system in your absence.

KeyLogger tool secretly records overall keystroke activities including:

  • Text chat conversations
  • Typed username
  • Passwords
  • Written documents (using MS word, Notepad and any software application)
  • Composed emails
  • Typed URLs and other keystroke activities.

Utility is equipped with advance features that answer multiple queries for:

Parental Monitoring:

  • What kids are doing on PC?
  • With whom they are taking chat conversation?
  • Are they sending mails to strangers instead of doing home work?

Business Administration:

  • What employees are doing in office hours?
  • Are they sending company secrets out of office?
  • Are they trying to hack admin id or passwords?
  • Are they involved in data theft or and stealing confidential information?

School Lab Monitoring:

  • Whether students are chatting instead of doing school assignments.

And various other fields in which Keylogger may be useful to answer PC owners’ queries.

Software Features:

  • Keystroke activities recorder tool: Utility secretly records overall keystroke activities including typed text, char conversation, tried user name and passwords etc.
  • Log file creation: Utility maintains the log of all recorded keystroke activities in secret manner.
  • Log file delivery: Software sends log file automatically at desired mail address.
  • Report Generation: Facilitates to generate report of recorded keystroke activities in txt or html file format and allows you to read log report at anytime even if you are not around your PC.
  • Invisible application: Software works invisibly and remains undetected by users. It does not appear in the Installation path folder, Add/Remove program list, Startup program or on Desktop.
  • Accessibility even in hidden mode: Facilitates to set hot keys or run command even if application is running in hidden mode.
  • Password protected utility: Fully password protected application does not allow unauthorized users to access or modify software configuration settings.
  • Perfect monitoring tool: Helps to track what kids, employees, friends or external users are doing on your PC while you were not there to watch them.

Free trial now

Download Free KeyLogger Software demo for 30 days. Test and evaluate application working in demo and upon having satisfactory results you can easily purchase licensed utility just sitting at your home.

System Requirement:

  • Processor - Pentium Class or Equivalent Processor
  • Memory Space - 20 MB Free Disk Space
  • RAM - 512 MB RAM (recommended)
  • Operating System - Windows Vista/7/XP/2003/2000/NT/ME/98.

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5 PC License $175
10 PC License $270
Corporate License $369


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